Last year’s event

BIG DATA WEEK was a huge success, with viewers tuning in from across the world. Throughout the week, seven industry experts shared their latest thinking, insights, and opportunities around Big Data. If you missed the series, you can watch it here on demand.

About Big Data Week

For over 10 years, SAP and Intel® have worked together to deliver industry-leading performance of SAP solutions on Intel® architecture. Learn from this unrivalled experience as you catch up on BIG DATA WEEK.


How to Drive Innovation: Big Data and Analytics

Based on IDC's latest report, Alys Woodward shares best practices from companies at the forefront of Big Data and analytics. Along with research-based insights, Alys shares her knowledge of advanced analytics and social business, plus the different ways that CIOs and IT departments are driving innovation.


Grow and Transform with Big Data and Analytics

Colgate-Palmolive's former CEO Ed Toben and Unilever's Marc Bechét reveal how to drive a global IT transformation with Big Data and analytics. Ed talks about his extensive global experience of managing IT and finance functions, while Marc discusses how SAP and Intel® help Unilever get more value from ERP and Big Data.


Supporting Real Time Business with a Flexible Big Data Foundation

Hear from SAP’s Dan Holle and Javaid Awan and discover how to acquire, process, and analyze Big Data to drive competitive advantage. Take data from virtually any source, perform advanced analytics (predictive, spatial, text), and use powerful in-memory computing to gain insight never seen before.


Handling the Challenges and Speed of Big Data

Now you can discover the evolution of advanced analytics, thanks to Intel® expert Alan Priestley. Alan highlights customer case studies that show how Intel® is continuing to evolve products and solutions that can handle Big Data workloads.


Uncovering Insights and Opportunities Hidden in Big Data

The analytical power of SAP HANA makes it possible to find new patterns, predict future outcomes, and optimize business processes. Shailesh Tekurkar presents real-world examples of how Big Data is uncovering hidden insights, and how predictive analytics can improve forecast accuracy and data-driven decision making.